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Portrait photographer Julie Thomas grew up living in the family darkroom. By age 11, she was developing film and printing pictures to learn traditional black and white technique with an all manual SLR. She further studied traditional SLR camera and darkroom techniques by working many summers in the darkroom of a master photographer, and former student of Ansel Adams, before obtaining a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Art History. As digital technology evolved, Julie has been at the forefront of digital photography techniques and creating photographic artworks through an extensive knowledge of post-production Photoshop techniques. As the mother of three, and avid collector of antique family photographs, Julie decided to begin creating children's portraits that not only capture a child's personality, but are pieces of art worthy of display in your home for generations. Julie's portrait philosophy is to accept fewer sessions that create stunning results, rather than booking many, less personal sittings, that yield canned, pre-packaged looking portraits.